Political Evacuation

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Political Evacuation Mean?

Political evacuation is when a traveller’s safety is threatened by a political situation in a foreign country, and he or she needs to be taken back to his or her home country as soon as possible. People who are planning to travel to other countries can purchase insurance coverage for this type of situation.

Insuranceopedia Explains Political Evacuation

Even if a person is planning to stay in a foreign country for a significant amount of time on a visit, political unrest can cause him or her to need to leave immediately. For example, imagine a person is doing a charity mission in Zimbabwe, and a violent political uprising occurs. In this circumstance, the person may have to leave immediately in a political evacuation. If this person had insurance coverage for this type of loss, then he or she would be protected from having to pay for the rest of the expenses of the trip, and or the actual evacuation itself.


Repatriation Politicall Evacuation Politicul Evacuation Politicale Evacuation

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