Medical Evacuation

Published: | Updated: October 14, 2016

Definition - What does Medical Evacuation mean?

A medical evacuation is the emergency transport of one or more persons, usually by some form of air transportation, to the closest health care facility, such as a hospital or clinic. It is often necessary in life-threatening or other extreme situations in which the person's life is in serious danger. Various travel and health policies cover medical evacuation expenses and may also pay for repatriation or bringing the policyholder back home.

Insuranceopedia explains Medical Evacuation

A person may either have such a severe injury or is in such a remote location that transport in an ambulance cannot suffice if the person's health or life is to be preserved. For example, a skier may accidentally fall off a cliff on a difficult to reach spot on a mountain. Also, there may not be a hospital anywhere close to the mountain. In this circumstance, a medical evacuation via helicopter would be necessary to fly the injured skier to the nearest health care facility for proper treatment.

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