Hospital Expense Insurance

Published: | Updated: January 22, 2017

Definition - What does Hospital Expense Insurance mean?

Hospital expense insurance is insurance coverage that protects policyholders against losses associated with being treated in a hospital for a medical issue. Medical expense insurance is commonly purchased to supplement a regular health insurance policy. Extended medical stays can be extremely expensive. Some people buy this type of insurance rather than rely solely on their health insurance policy to cover every cost.

Insuranceopedia explains Hospital Expense Insurance

Hospital expense insurance can cover expenses associated with many different problems that can send someone to the hospital. For example, it can cover the costs incurred for injuries, illnesses, and accidents. When a person is at a hospital, the costs can add up extremely quickly. Not only does one have to pay for the room and board of staying there, but blood work, X rays, CT scans, surgeries, and other expenses can all accumulate very quickly. Hospital expense insurance can help the policyholder pay for such expenses.

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