Hospital Medical Insurance

Published: | Updated: March 24, 2017

Definition - What does Hospital Medical Insurance mean?

Hospital medical insurance is insurance that pays for certain hospital or medical expenses. This type of insurance is commonly used as a supplement to normal health insurance. The reason people often buy hospital medical insurance is because it can help cover costs not covered by normal health insurance, such as deductibles.

Insuranceopedia explains Hospital Medical Insurance

Expenses that hospital medical insurance can cover include lab work, x-rays, doctor visits, emergency room visits, inpatient surgeries, ambulance services, and other expenses. Many standard health care plans require a deductible to be paid before scheduled coverage kicks in. These deductibles can be thousands of dollars. So, health care can be very expensive for people who have high deductibles. Further, standard health care plans do not always cover every hospital expense. Hospital medical insurance exists to fill these gaps.

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