Dismemberment Insurance


Definition - What does Dismemberment Insurance mean?

Dismemberment insurance is insurance that covers bodily injury in the form of dismemberment. Dismemberment can include the loss of body parts such as hands and feet or even whole legs and arms. This type of insurance often comes in the form of a rider that is attached to a life insurance policy.

Insuranceopedia explains Dismemberment Insurance

Dismemberment insurance commonly is paired with accidental death insurance. A person who wishes to receive accidental death and dismemberment insurance can get an accidental death and dismemberment rider in their life insurance policy. Some people may be at a significantly higher risk for dismemberment. These people can include carpenters who frequently work with dangerous table saws, tree workers who frequently deal with falling branches, or others in dangerous work environments. Such people may have a greater need for dismemberment insurance.

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