Scheduled Return Date

Published: | Updated: August 1, 2016

Definition - What does Scheduled Return Date mean?

A scheduled return date is the date that is planned as the final day of a trip. It is the date that the traveling party is expected to return home, or to the original point of origin. Scheduled return dates are used in travel insurance to figure out how long the trip will be, and to create policies according to the length and overal expense of the trip.

Insuranceopedia explains Scheduled Return Date

People plan trips of varying lengths. For example, one person's trip could last a few days, while another person's could last a week or two, etc. Sometimes individuals or families even take trips that last months. An example of a scheduled return date would be if a family has planned a trip for the first week of August, and they plan to return on August 7th. In this case, August 7th would be the scheduled return date.

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