Aviation Trip Life Insurance

Updated: 11 March 2024

What Does Aviation Trip Life Insurance Mean?

Aviation trip life insurance is a policy that covers for an accident that befalls an airplane passenger. This policy might be included in the plane ticket or is sold separately. The policy usually covers death and health care benefits. In some cases, it can also cover property brought during air travel.

Insuranceopedia Explains Aviation Trip Life Insurance

Flight accident covered includes not just while the plane is already flying but also while the passenger is boarding or disembarking. The flight must also be regularly scheduled. The situations covered are death and dismemberment. A lump sum and the maximum limit are given to the beneficiary of the dead passenger. A portion of the policy limit is given to the passenger if he or she is disfigured (such as when a passenger loses a leg because of a plane crash). The loss of an important or expensive item brought during the travel can be a part of the policy as well.

Companies who have employees that travel a lot as part of their work buy policies that cover for plane accidents. They are usually in the form of a group insurance.

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