Trip Interruption

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Trip Interruption Mean?

Trip interruption is refers to a type of insurance coverage that is offered by many travel insurance policies. Trip interruption insurance covers travelers for losses in the event of an unscheduled, but necessary, interruption to their trip. People who have trip interruption insurance do not get stuck paying the full expense of their trip if they are forced to cut their trip short.

Insuranceopedia Explains Trip Interruption

Injuries, illnesses, family emergencies and financial crises are all examples of things that can cause a person to end a trip early. For many people, ending their trip because of such events could result in significant monetary losses. For example, imagine that a Canadian man has planned to go on a month long “walk-about” vacation in the Australian outback. If he is bitten by a snake on the first day of the trip and has to return home for medical care, he could lose thousands of dollars. However, if he has trip interruption insurance, he wouldn’t lose the money he’d spent on a trip he can’t complete.

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