Published: | Updated: March 28, 2018

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Definition - What does Unoccupied mean?

Unoccupied means there is a not a clear human presence in a property. However, there may be other materials in the property such as furniture. Whether or not a building is occupied is an important distinction for property insurance because many property insurance policies have exclusions for property that is unoccupied.

Insuranceopedia explains Unoccupied

There is also an important distinction between vacant and unoccupied. A vacant building does not have any belongings or items in it. It is simply an empty building. Unoccupied buildings, as mentioned earlier, still contain furniture or other items. Just as there is an important property insurance distinction between occupied and unoccupied, there is also an important distinction between vacant and unoccupied. Some property insurance companies will cover property that is unoccupied, but will exclude property that is vacant.

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