In-Force Exposure

Published: | Updated: February 10, 2018

Definition - What does In-Force Exposure mean?

In-force exposure refers to exposure units that are currently being exposed to loss.

Insurance companies calculate in-force exposure in order to assess their overall risk at a current moment in time. Calculations such as these help insurers assess whether they have exposed themselves to too much risk or are able to take on more.

Insuranceopedia explains In-Force Exposure

All measures of exposure essentially calculate vulnerability to incurring losses. In-force exposure simply measures the level of exposure that an insurance company is facing on a given day.

If insurance companies do not keep track of statistics such as in-force exposure, they can quickly lose track of their sustainability levels. For this reason, insurance companies commonly employee math experts called actuaries to calculate factors like in-force exposure. Actuaries and the insights they provide are an insurance companiy's strongest defense against insolvency.

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