Allied Health Personnel

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does Allied Health Personnel Mean?

Allied health personnel are medical professionals who are not doctors, nurses or dentists, yet who provide some medical care. Examples include paramedics, phlebotomists and occupational therapists. In the context of insurance, many health insurance plans provide coverage for the services that allied health personnel perform. However, coverage can vary from policy to policy.

Insuranceopedia Explains Allied Health Personnel

Despite the fact that allied health personnel are not MDs, nurses or dentists, they still perform incredibly important work that is crucial in many cases. For example, the work that a paramedic does in an ambulance is oftentimes life saving. A paramedic may only treat a person for ten minutes on the way to the hospital, but this treatment can still be highly important. It is because of the importance of the work that allied health personnel perform that many health insurers provide coverage for their services.

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