Home Health Agency

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does Home Health Agency Mean?

A home health agency is a private or public organization that provides health care to people outside of traditional hospital or doctor's office settings. Home health agencies frequently provide health care to people in their homes, hence the name "home" health agency. In the context of insurance, some insurance policies cover health care from home health agencies.

Insuranceopedia Explains Home Health Agency

Home health care agencies can provide a wide variety of services. For example, they may help to clean wound dressings, administer medications, help to deal with PICC lines, and many other things. Many insurance policies include coverage for this type of skilled healthcare. However, not all of them do. The individual policy dictates the level of coverage for home health care agencies. In order to operate as a home health care agency, a company must possess all necessary credentials and certifications.

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