All Comers Rule

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does All Comers Rule Mean?

The all comers rule refers to a clause in the Insurance Act in Alberta, Canada that prohibits insurance companies from denying basic insurance coverage to applicants, specifically for liability and accidents.

Insuranceopedia Explains All Comers Rule

The official clause number is clause 613.1, but industry insiders have nicknamed it the the all comers rule. Basically, it prohibits any insurance company from denying insurance to people in the province of Alberta.

There are three exceptions built into the clause:

  • Failure to pay: an insurance company can cancel coverage if it does not receive the agreed-upon payments
  • Applicant still owes: an insurance company can also deny coverage to someone who still owes another insurance company some money

Misrepresentation: coverage can be denied if the applicant has lied or failed to disclose important information when applying for coverage

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