Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC)

Last updated: March 4, 2018

What Does Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) Mean?

The Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) is a not-for-profit professional organization formed with the purpose of helping men and women who are employed in Canada’s property and casual insurance industry grow and develop their professional skills through networking and social opportunities. It also administers licensing exams and provides various education and training programs.


Insuranceopedia Explains Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC)

Founded in 1899, the Insurance Institute of Canada is based in Toronto, Canada and responsible for developing and administering licensure examinations for insurance professionals. It serves as the umbrella organization for 20 local chapters and institutes Canada-wide. It represents more than 35,000 students and graduates as well as insurers, underwriters, brokers, and other professionals who work in the property and casualty insurance business.

The IIC offers a number of casualty and property insurance education seminars, training programs, and formal designation programs to insurance professionals, such as Chartered Insurance Professional and the Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional. All insurance professionals who qualify for these designation programs are eligible for employment and promotional opportunities in the insurance sector.


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