Canadian Chartered Insurance Broker (C.C.I.B.)

Last updated: March 4, 2018

What Does Canadian Chartered Insurance Broker (C.C.I.B.) Mean?

Canadian Chartered Insurance Broker refers to an insurance agent in Canada who has been given the title of a professional insurance broker after having passed a series of exams. To take the exams, one must have worked in the insurance industry for five years.


Insuranceopedia Explains Canadian Chartered Insurance Broker (C.C.I.B.)

Every country has certain standards about its own insurance workers. There are those who do not require a related educational background. There are states in where someone has to pass a licensing exam for him or her to be acknowledged as an industry professional.

In Canada, such is the case when an individual wants to be conferred the title of professional insurance broker. A person who has worked in the country's insurance industry is qualified to take the exam. He or she must pass three tests: essay exam, a choice between an oral or written survey exam, and two written questionnaires he or she must pass before taking on the first two mentioned.


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