Insurance Information Institute (III)

What Does Insurance Information Institute (III) Mean?

The Insurance Information Institute (III) is an organization committed to helping members of the public understand insurance. It achieves this goal by educating the public about exactly what insurance is, what it does, and how people can benefit from it.

The Insurance Information Institute's educational initiatives cover a wide range of insurance types including auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and life insurance.


Insuranceopedia Explains Insurance Information Institute (III)

The Insurance Information Institute can be extremely helpful for anyone who wishes to learn more about insurance. The organization's website,, is loaded with helpful information, including articles and references.

Every year, the III works on roughly 3,700 news stories related to insurance. It is recognized by the the media, governments, universities, and the public as a credible and reputable source for insurance information.

In order to remain objective, the organization does not participate in lobbying.


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