Does my homeowners insurance policy cover damage from hail?


Does my homeowners insurance policy cover damage from hail?


The short answer to this question is yes, a homeowner policy will have windstorm and hail damage coverage. However, there are some important caveats to this coverage: not all property is covered for windstorm and hail and not all types of windstorm and hail losses are covered.

First, windstorm or hail damage to outdoor plants are excluded. Also excluded are antennae that are damaged by the accumulation of snow and other weather effects after a storm. This is because outdoor plants and antennae are at high risk of being damaged by windstorm or hail and insuring those losses could be very expensive to insure.

The second thing to watch out for here is windstorm or hail damage to the interior of a home and its contents. The interior contents of a home would not be covered for windstorm or hail damage unless the windstorm or hail gets into the house by first damaging its exterior to the point of creating an opening. In other words, if an insured just left a window open by accident and the interior contents were damaged by hail, it would not be covered.

As always, be sure to refer to the specific wording of your policy for the definitive answer. It has the final word in this matter and my comments here are just about what we generally see in the industry. The terms may vary depending on your jurisdiction and your insurance carrier. If you have any questions, you can always discuss with your insurance agent or broker (to learn more about these insurance professionals and how they can help you, see What Is an Insurance Broker?).

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