Extended Coverage Endorsement

Last updated: June 24, 2016

What Does Extended Coverage Endorsement Mean?

An extended coverage endorsement is a non-mandatory add-on to a standard fire insurance policy. It extends coverage to include damage caused as the result of more unusual events, including riots, civil commotions, explosions, smoke and vehicle damage, plane crashes, hail, and windstorm.


Insuranceopedia Explains Extended Coverage Endorsement

A standard fire policy typically covers only lightning and fire; thus, extended coverage endorsements exist to financially protect those who want extra coverage for less likely perils. However, the basic causes-of-loss form the Insurance Services Office introduced in 1986 has mostly supplanted this add-on. Normally, it covers the same perils as fire and extended coverage as well as other perils, such as vandalism and malicious mischief, volcanic action, sprinkler leakage damage, and sinkhole collapse.


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