Insurance Solicitor

Updated: 29 February 2024

What Does Insurance Solicitor Mean?

An insurance solicitor is a person who is authorized to gather insurance applicants but is not authorized to issue them a policy. They often work for an insurance agent, collecting leads and potential clients on their behalf.

Although they're not allowed to sell insurance products, solicitors must still pass a licensure examination and hold a valid license.

Insuranceopedia Explains Insurance Solicitor

An agent works either for a single insurance company (captive agents) or several companies (independent agents), and the solicitor works for the agent.

The solicitor's role is to increase the agent's clients and applicant pool.

They can provided interested individuals with insurance policy applications but they may not issue them any policies. Instead, they gather these applications and send them to the insurance agent, who then handles processing them.

Solicitors can be paid a commission based on the number of leads they generate or applications they collect, or they might be given a fixed, monthly income.

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