Architects And Engineers Insurance

Updated: 11 March 2024

What Does Architects And Engineers Insurance Mean?

Architects and engineers insurance, often abbreviated as A & E insurance, is a policy for those working in the field of building design and construction. This is a liability insurance that covers for mistakes and oversights in performing one’s job. The coverage is money for litigation concerning one’s job or for medical bills related to accidents on the site of construction.

Insuranceopedia Explains Architects And Engineers Insurance

This insurance isn’t exclusively for licensed architects and engineers. Other professionals in the design and construction business such as the draftsman or the interior designer can also buy this.

The policy covers risks often related with the business. There are many risky scenarios involved in both professions. Design errors, the use of wrong materials, inability to meet deadlines, or poor craftsmanship are just a few examples. When one of those situations happens, there is a tendency for a client to sue the hired professional. With this policy, the insurer can provide money for legal fees. Some A & E insurance policies also shell out money to pay for medical bills that are job-related. For instance, a client visits an ongoing construction and trips on something and gets wounded or bruised. A & E insurance might provide for his hospitalization or medical treatment.

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