Malicious Mischief

Last updated: December 27, 2017

What Does Malicious Mischief Mean?

Malicious mischief is a type of peril that refers to the intentional destruction of property. Most criminal statutes refer to this crime as malicious mischief, while people generally refer to it as vandalism. Although there can be legal differentiation between the two, they are generally two names for the same crime. As a result, property insurance that covers these damages is generally known as vandalism and malicious mischief (VMM) insurance.


Insuranceopedia Explains Malicious Mischief

Most homeowner and commercial insurance policies cover damage from malicious mischief. However, if a property is regularly unoccupied, the insurance company might charge more for this coverage. For example, churches often need to pay more for malicious mischief coverage because they are often unoccupied during the week.

Auto policies may also cover damage from malicious mischief through comprehensive coverage, also known as other perils coverage.


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