Serious Injury Frequency Rate

Published: | Updated: September 23, 2017

Definition - What does Serious Injury Frequency Rate mean?

Serious injury frequency rate refers to the calculation made in a workplace regarding the number of injuries that happened to employees given a period composed of working hours. The rate shows how safe the working conditions are for the employees of the company.

Insuranceopedia explains Serious Injury Frequency Rate

This is the formula for the serious injury frequency rate: the number of injuries during 1,000,000 working hours. So, if 200 injuries happened during 1,000,000 working hours, the serious injury rate is 0.0002%. Note that working hours exclude paid vacations.

This calculation is one way of knowing just how safe a workplace is considered to be. This is also a way of knowing whether the safety programs installed are effective or not. Insurance companies that provide group insurance for employees can use the data to assess the premiums and even decline insurance.

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