Total Permanent Disability

Published: | Updated: January 3, 2017

Definition - What does Total Permanent Disability mean?

Total permanent disability refers to the condition of a person who is incapable of working for a salary for the rest of his or her life. It may be attributed to a disease or an injury. Coverage from insurance usually sustains their financial needs for this condition.

Insuranceopedia explains Total Permanent Disability

Other than bad conduct or misdemeanor, if a person can no longer work again, then they have a total permanent disability. The condition might be a physical or mental. The loss of limbs for a driver or the loss of memory for a teacher may constitute a total permanent disability.

A person with a disability insurance can be provided with financial aid for medical services or health care or even regular amounts of money to sustain their lifestyle. The amount that goes to the policyholder is usually a percentage of the salary he or she was getting prior to the condition.

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