Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance

Published: | Updated: August 15, 2016

Definition - What does Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance mean?

Water damage legal liability insurance is a type of policy that covers an individual or business that inintentionally causes water damage to someone else's property. It can be purchased as a separate insurance policy or as a rider to an existing policy, such as homeowner's insurance.

Insuranceopedia explains Water Damage Legal Liability Insurance

Keep in mind that while some homeowner's insurance policies cover water damage legal liability, others do not. Suppose, for example, that a condo owner has a toilet overflow, which causes damages to the bathroom one floor below. In case the affected individual sues for the cost of the repairs, water damage legal liability insurance would provide coverage.

For those who rent, water damage legal liability coverage could also be worth considering because they cannot benefit from homeowner's insurance and may need to pay for damage to the rental as well.

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