Association of Insurance Management (AIM)

Last updated: January 6, 2018

What Does Association of Insurance Management (AIM) Mean?

The Association of Insurance Management (AIM) is an organization that provides insurance to cover the activities of non-profit educational institutions and groups within them, such as parents and teachers' groups. It currently has 700 institutional members throughout the United States.


Insuranceopedia Explains Association of Insurance Management (AIM)

AIM can be considered a specialty insurance group because of its niche: community schools and parents and teachers organizations in the United States. Their services vary from giving insurance to small business within a school, like a concession stand, to providing liability policies to teachers.

For a school organization to get coverage, all it has to do is apply online or ask for an application from AIM's website. The organization has to specify what activities it wants to be covered and AIM then determines the price of the premium.


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