Associate In Underwriting

Updated: 09 June 2023

What Does Associate In Underwriting Mean?

An associate in underwriting is someone who is legally qualified to underwrite policies for an insurance company. To obtain this status, a person must complete a series of examinations on insurance underwriting. The Insurance Institute of America is the organization that grants people their associate in underwriting status upon passing the exams.

Insuranceopedia Explains Associate In Underwriting

As insurance professionals, underwriters are responsible for approving or rejecting people for insurance policies. They examine an applicant's history, background, and any other relevant information to evaluate their potential risk of experiencing covered losses. If the risk is considered too high, then the underwriter will likely reject the person for coverage or recommend higher premium charges upon approval. On the other hand, if the person represents an average or manageable level of risk, then the underwriter will likely approve the application. Afterward, the process can move forward to the purchase of a policy.

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