The Best Condo Insurance In South Carolina For July, 2024

Nationwide offers the best condo insurance company in South Carolina.

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Updated: 14 July 2024
Written by Bob Phillips
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In this ultimate guide on the best condo insurance in South Carolina, I will provide crucial insights on the topic derived from hours of research and my professional expertise. Obtaining condo insurance is not only about protecting a valuable asset but also safeguarding your peace of mind.

Imagine a hurricane hit your complex, resulting in broken windows and doors and flood damage in your unit. Without the proper home insurance coverage, you’d have to cover the costly damage to the interior features and finishes and personal belongings out-of-pocket, resulting in money worries and emotional distress.

In my 13 years of experience as a licensed insurance agent in the Palmetto State, I’ve seen underinsurance cause financial hardship to many condo owners and their families. This is why having a condo insurance policy that covers all possible scenarios, from natural disasters to theft, is crucial.

Best Condo Insurance Companies In South Carolina, 2024

Best Condo Insurance, South Carolina, 2024

Compare The Best Condo Insurance Companies In South Carolina

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Our Methodology

To determine the best condo insurance companies in South Carolina, I relied on a variety of data, including: ● AM Best financial strength ratings ● J.D. Power customer satisfaction scores ● Customer feedback from various consumer sites ● Personal experience selling condo insurance in South Carolina as a former licensed property and casualty agent


Quotes Analyzed


Brands Reviewed


Years Of Experience


Research Hours

The Best Condo Insurance Companies In South Carolina

Best Overall

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
10/10 Customer Reviews
10/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

According to my analysis, Nationwide is the No. 1 condo insurance provider in South Carolina. They offer comprehensive condo insurance coverage that includes the basics and a number of optional coverages that allow you to tailor your policy to fit your specific needs. These include coverages for personal property, loss of use, and improvements, alterations, and additions.

Nationwide’s claims handling also sets it apart from other insurers. Their dedicated claims team ensures policyholders have a prompt, fair, and smooth claims settlement process. So, in addition to ensuring you have enough financial protection by providing extensive coverage options, they also assist you with speedy and efficient assistance when you file a claim.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Competitive rates
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Excellent customer service
  • Not ideal for low-value properties
  • Limited availability of certain discounts
  • Potential for additional costs

Best Runner-Up

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

8/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Claims
10/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

From a broad range of coverage options to outstanding customer service, Amica offers South Carolina condo owners a superior insurance experience. Their rates are also quite competitive, with Amica offering significantly cheaper monthly premiums than Allstate—another large insurer that sells condo insurance.

Amica offers standard condo insurance coverage and Platinum Choice Home Coverage for customers looking to enhance their policies with additional coverages. Insureds also have the option to bundle their condo and auto insurance policies to save up to 20%. Lastly, Amica boasts a low complaint level, indicating high customer satisfaction.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Financially stable insurer
  • Wide range of coverage options
  • High customer satisfaction level
  • High customer satisfaction level
  • Policies that pay dividends are not available in every state
  • AM Best rating downgraded in 2017

Best For High-Value Condos

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

7/10 Affordability
10/10 Customer Reviews
9/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Chubb is known nationwide as a leading provider of premium insurance specifically designed to meet the needs of affluent policyholders. Compared to most standard condo insurance plans on the market, Chubb’s condo insurance offers more comprehensive coverage, higher limits, and plenty of additional perks.

Their Masterpiece policy covers extended replacement cost, which pays the full cost of rebuilding your condominium following a covered loss in case your dwelling coverage isn’t enough. It also includes unique offerings, such as cyber protection and identity theft coverage. Overall, homeowners in South Carolina can expect top-rated, tailored condo insurance solutions and services from Chubb.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Extended replacement cost coverage is available
  • Superior customer service
  • Low customer-complaint levels
  • More expensive rates than many competitors
  • Not BBB accredited
  • Coverage may not suit lower-value condos

Best For Discounts

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
8/10 Customer Reviews
8/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

For owners of condominiums in South Carolina looking for budget condo insurance, Travelers is the least expensive insurance company in our rating. The carrier offers numerous coverage options at cheap rates and ample savings opportunities that make their policies affordable without skimping on coverage.

Their condo insurance discounts include a multi-policy discount, where insureds can save up to 15% on their condo insurance by bundling it with a Travelers auto policy. In addition to saving money, bundling multiple policies makes managing your insurance policies easier.

Those with smart or connected home technology may also qualify for a discount. Insurance providers, including Travelers, offer protective device discounts to encourage homeowners to take measures to improve the safety of their homes.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Cheaper condo insurance rates than average
  • Policy bundling options
  • Financially strong
  • Potential for banned dog breeds
  • Limited options available
  • Higher customer complaint level than some competitors

What Does Condo Insurance Cover In South Carolina?

A typical condo (HO-6) insurance policy in South Carolina covers a unit from the walls in, which includes walls, floors, ceilings, fixtures, fittings, and personal belongings. It also provides coverage for liability claims and additional living expenses. Additionally, most condo insurance policies come with $1,000 in loss assessment coverage, but you can usually increase your limit with an endorsement.

How Much Is Condo Insurance In South Carolina?

The cost comparison tables below will guide you in making informed choices when shopping for condo insurance. However, price should not be your only consideration. Make sure to factor in coverage options, customer reviews, and financial strength ratings as well.

Average Cost Of Condo Insurance By Company

The first table compares the average annual rates from ten major national insurance companies offering condo insurance in South Carolina:

Insurance Company Average Annual Rate
South Carolina Farm Bureau $957
Farmers $1037
USAA $714
State Farm $761
Liberty Mutual $858
Nationwide $891
Auto-Owners $776
Allstate $822
Travelers $829
Progressive $916

Average Cost Of Condo Insurance By Building Property Limits

The value of your property determines how much condo insurance you need. Here are the average monthly rates for condo insurance in South Carolina based on building property limits:

Building Property Limit Average Annual Rate
$40,000 $767
$60,000 $912
$80,000 $1,113
$100,000 $1,314

The Average Cost Of Condo Insurance By City

The last table shows the average annual and monthly condo insurance costs in the ten largest cities in South Carolina:

City Average Annual Rate Average Monthly Rate
Charleston $1,565 $130
Columbia $921 $77
North Charleston $1,254 $105
Mount Pleasant $1,605 $134
Rock Hill $825 $69
Greenville $815 $68
Summerville $1,220 $102
Goose Creek $1,320 $110
Sumter $1,090 $91
Greer $812 $68

Note: the rates above are estimates and will vary based on factors like location, coverage amount, and structural features.

How Much Condo Insurance Do I Need In South Carolina?

The appropriate amount of condo insurance you require in South Carolina depends on several factors, including the value of your personal property and the structural components of your unit. Your condominium association’s master policy also plays a role.

How Much Condo Insurance Is Required In South Carolina?

There is no state law requiring condo owners to carry condo insurance in South Carolina. However, you may be contractually obligated to get coverage by your mortgage lender or condo association.

Factors That Impact The Cost Of Your Condo Insurance Policy

The cost of a condo insurance policy in South Carolina depends on various factors, mainly:

Replacement Cost Of Your Condo

The replacement cost of your unit, i.e., how much it would cost to rebuild your condo if completely totaled, is one of the primary factors that affect your condo insurance cost. The higher the amount, the higher your insurance premium will be.

Location Of Your Condo

The location of your condo can have a significant impact on your condo insurance rates. Owners of condominiums in areas highly vulnerable to natural disasters can expect to pay higher insurance premiums. South Carolina is one of the states most prone to wildfires and hurricanes in the US, resulting in higher condo insurance costs.

Claims History

When determining your premiums, insurance companies will look at your claims history to try and gauge your likelihood of filing a future claim. The higher your perceived risk, the more you might have to pay for your condo insurance policy. On the other hand, a clean claims record can help lower insurance costs.

Age And Construction Type Of Your Condo

The age of your condominium and the type of building materials used also affect your condo insurance rates. Older condos are typically more expensive to insure due to the increased risk of damage associated with older systems and materials. Newer units and those built with materials that help prevent damage may net you a lower premium rate.

How To Save Money On South Carolina Condo Insurance

There are a few ways to save money on your condo insurance policy as a condo owner in South Carolina, including hiking your deductible. Typically, the higher your deductible, the lower your premium will be. However, the amount you’ll owe if a claim occurs will increase, so ensure to strike a balance that works for your financial situation.

You may also be able to negotiate lower premiums by reinforcing or upgrading your condo to make it disaster-resistant. This may include adding storm shutters and improving your home security system. Not only do such improvements reduce your risk of damage and loss, but they can also get you policy discounts.

How To Get An Online Condo Insurance Quote In South Carolina

Visiting comparison sites like Insuranceopedia is the best way to get multiple condo insurance quotes in South Carolina. All you need to provide is:

  • Basic information about you, including your full name, date of birth, phone number, and address
  • Information about your unit, including age, square footage, type of construction exterior, installed security devices, and number of people residing in the condo
  • An estimate of how much your belongings are worth
  • The rebuild cost of your condominium
  • Your insurance history

How To Find The Best Condo Insurance Company For You

Comparing condo insurance quotes from various companies side-by-side is the best way to find the best policy for your needs. It will take time and effort, but obtaining adequate protection for your condo and personal belongings makes the investment worthwhile.

Safeguard you and your family’s financial future with a tailored condo insurance policy by taking the following steps:

  1. Work out how much coverage you need.
  2. Perform an online search of condo insurance providers in South Carolina and obtain quotes from at least three.
  3. Choose a carrier by comparing coverage types, rates, policy discounts, customer reviews, and financial strength ratings.
  4. Purchase your policy.


How much is condo insurance in South Carolina?

The average cost of condo insurance in South Carolina is around $585 per year or $49 per month. However, premiums can vary significantly based on location, coverage level, insurance history, and other factors.

How does condo insurance work?

Condo insurance acts as a safety net against unexpected financial loss by providing coverage for the inside structures of your condo, personal belongings, and liability claims. It also complements your building association’s master policy to ensure adequate protection.


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