Are there any exclusions in vandalism and malicious mischief (VMM) insurance policies?


Are there any exclusions in vandalism and malicious mischief (VMM) insurance policies?


Like the name implies, vandalism and malicious mischief (VMM) policies cover losses caused by vandalism. They are a default feature of most homeowners and commercial insurance policies and are particularly useful for schools, churches, or other frequently unoccupied buildings as they are the most at risk of vandalism.

The specific exclusions your policy may be subject to might be different, but in general, we typically see the following exclusions in homeowners or commercial policy wordings (not all of these will apply):

  1. Vandalism or malicious mischief caused by burglars
  2. Theft losses as part of vandalism or malicious act
  3. Business interruption or other indirect losses as a result of an act of vandalism
  4. Damage caused by insured(s) or their employees
  5. Damage during a building's course of construction
  6. Damage to a vacant building (see How Should I Insure a Vacant Building? to learn more about this special case)

For the best information on exclusions, it is best to refer to your individual policy wordings. Depending on locale, clauses or phrases that may limit coverage will be printed in red font.

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