Temporary Car Insurance In Georgia: What To Know

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Most of us have been in a position where we needed car insurance for only a short period. Perhaps you’ve borrowed someone else’s car for a short getaway, or your child is home from college for a lengthy break and plans on driving the family car.

In such situations, taking out temporary insurance rather than a standard auto policy would be much easier and more cost-effective. Unfortunately, a majority of insurers in the U.S. don’t offer short-term coverage options, but there are still ways you can drive while insured without paying for coverage you don’t need.

As a decades-long expert in the insurance industry, I have helped many drivers in the country find the best coverage for their specific needs. In this article, I will focus on presenting the best temporary auto insurance for drivers in Georgia based on their unique situation and discussing alternatives. Read on to learn how and where to get short-term coverage in The Peach State.

What Is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary car insurance is short-term insurance where the policy term is less than six months. Insurance companies in the United States generally offer car insurance policies with a 6-month or twelve-month policy period. Therefore, drivers in need of car insurance for a short time should look into other options like signing a standard six-month policy and canceling before the expiry date.

Can You Get Temporary Car Insurance In Georgia?

No. Like most other states, Georgia doesn’t offer temporary car insurance. The best approach would be to determine why you need short-term insurance and then research alternatives.

Alternatives To Temporary Car Insurance

Georgia residents looking for temporary car insurance have various options depending on their situation. Here are some:

Georgia Pay-Per-Mile Insurance

Pay-per-mile auto insurance is ideal for people who don’t drive often, as premiums are charged per mile driven. On the other hand, traditional policies see drivers who are similar in various respects pay nearly the same premiums regardless of how often they drive. A pay-per-mile policy, therefore, keeps you insured while saving you money.

Non-Owner Car Insurance In Georgia

Non-owner car insurance is ideal for people who don’t own a car but have borrowed or rented someone else’s car. However, this type of insurance is a liability-only policy, i.e., it only covers damages and injuries you may cause others while driving the vehicle. Loss or damage to the vehicle you’re driving is not covered.

Rideshare Car Insurance

Did you know that personal car insurance does not cover you when you get into a car accident while transporting passengers for a fee using a rideshare service like Uber? In the U.S. alone, there are approximately 1.5 million Uber drivers, with nearly 4 million trips taking place per day.

To ensure you’re adequately protected while working as a rideshare driver, you need a special kind of policy called rideshare insurance. A rideshare insurance policy fills the gap between your personal coverage and the limited coverage offered by the rideshare company.

Rental Car Insurance In Georgia

Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t need to take out car insurance to rent a car. Car rental companies usually offer their own car insurance, which you can buy, eliminating the need for a personal policy. In fact, it’s best to get insurance from the rental company because most personal car policies won’t cover loss of use to the rental car, which can be costly.

Note: A non-owner car insurance policy also ensures you stay financially protected while waiting to buy your own car, which helps avoid an increase in your insurance premiums in the future due to a coverage lapse.

Consider Buying A Six-Month Georgia Insurance Policy

It’s difficult to find a company that sells car insurance policies with terms shorter than six months. Fortunately, it’s not against the law to purchase a six-month policy and keep it active only for the period you need coverage, then cancel it when you no longer need it.

Note: You may be liable for a cancellation fee, as some insurance companies will penalize you for canceling your policy early. Contact your insurer and ask about the cancellation process and any applicable fees.

Altering Your Georgia Car Insurance Temporarily To Suit Your Needs

If the above options don’t fit your circumstances, it may be possible to adjust your existing car insurance to cover your needs. In case you have no insurance at all, you may be able to purchase a six-month auto policy personalized to your unique needs. Below are examples of circumstances that may call for altering your car insurance:

Include Your Child In Your Policy

As soon as your child gets a driver’s license, you should add them to your car insurance policy even if it increases your premiums. It may feel like a waste of money, especially if they don’t plan on driving often, but it’s best to play it safe.

Besides, insurance companies usually require that you disclose all licensed drivers in your household. If you don’t do this, you risk having future claims you file denied or getting your policy canceled. On the other hand, it may be more cost-effective to exclude the teenage driver from your own policy and buy a separate policy for them.

Add A Licensed Driver To Your Car Insurance

If there’s someone with a driving license you regularly allow to drive your car, you should add them to your auto insurance policy. If the person only borrows your car from time to time, the permissive use clause will likely suffice.

The permissive use clause is a section in most car insurance policies that covers unlisted drivers you permit to drive your car. Permissive use comes in especially handy during an emergency or when someone needs to borrow your car.

Note: licensed drivers in your household or those with regular access to your vehicle are typically not covered under permissive use, as you should have them listed in your auto policy.

Your Child Is Away At College.

If your child is among the estimated 56% of undergraduate college students who have a car with them at school, they may be able to remain on your car insurance if the car they’re driving is yours. If your insurer doesn’t allow it, they’ll typically need to buy their own auto policy.

If your child doesn’t plan on driving while at school, and you’re thinking of removing them from your policy, you might want to reconsider. Approximately 1,519 college-aged students lose their lives each year due to alcohol-related incidents, including fatal car crashes. You don’t want your child shying away from taking the driver’s wheel of a drunk friend’s car due to lack of insurance.

Additionally, if your child borrows a car and causes damage or injury exceeding the liability limits in the car owner’s policy, they may be responsible for the difference. If they’re a listed driver in your policy, your auto liability coverage might kick in. Alternatively, you could buy your college-aged child non-owner car insurance.

Note: Under Georgia law, the minimum limits of liability insurance required are: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury and $25,000 per incident for property damage.

Your Car Is In Storage

If you need to store your car for an extended period for any reason, you may be able to suspend your liability coverage for the entire duration your vehicle is parked or stored away. However, you should keep comprehensive coverage because your car could still get damaged, stolen, or vandalized while in storage.

Your insurance company may offer storage insurance, which is reduced coverage, not a specific type of insurance policy insurance. Contact them to find out what options you have. If they offer storage insurance, you only need to adjust your policy.

If your insurer doesn’t allow suspending portions of your policy, you can reduce your coverage to state minimum coverage requirements, lowering your premium. This option is best reserved for a single-car policy, as lowering the coverage limits of a multi-car policy to the bare minimum can expose you to life-changing financial risks.

Note: If you suspend some of your car insurance coverage, make sure to ask your insurance provider to reinstate the coverage before putting your vehicle back on the road.

You Don’t Drive Very Often

If you don’t drive often, you could get away with not having your own insurance policy, depending on how frequently you drive. While most providers require policyholders to list all licensed drivers in the household on their policies, they also have a permissive use clause that covers anyone with permission to drive a policyholder’s car occasionally.

However, if you regularly drive other people’s cars, you may want to consider investing in a non-owner car insurance policy. This type of insurance protects you from liability claims resulting from bodily injury and property damage you cause others while driving someone else’s car.

Note: If a person shares the same address as you, they may not qualify as a permissive user.

You Are An International Driver

There are several auto coverage options for international drivers based on their length of stay in the country. If it’s a short visit and they rent a car, they can buy auto insurance through the car rental company. If staying longer than a month, it may be better for them to purchase standard or non-owner insurance and cancel once they’re back home.

Note: Certain insurance carriers in the U.S. may require international drivers to have an international driving permit (IDP) or a valid foreign driver’s license. As you make your travel plans, ensure to find out which precise documents you need to drive legally in Georgia as a non-citizen.

Best Car Insurance Companies For Short-Term Car Insurance In Georgia

Cheapest Liability Only

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

7/10 Affordability
8/10 Customer Satisfaction
9/10 Claims
10/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Anybody looking for temporary car insurance is most likely mainly focusing on the cost aspect. A sure way to save on car insurance is to forgo comprehensive and collision coverages if your insurer allows it and just pay for liability coverage. My research has shown that Geico offers the least expensive liability-only coverage.

You may know Geico from its commercials, but it’s also renowned for being affordable, particularly its liability-only policies. The minimum liability insurance requirements for Georgia drivers is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident for bodily injury or death and $25,000 per incident of property damage. If you just want a policy that meets Georgia’s minimum coverage requirements, Geico is a top contender.

Geico’s customer service is available 24/7, meaning you can reach them any time, day or night. They’ve also streamlined the processes of purchasing, amending, or canceling policies. These are among the many reasons why Geico is a great option for drivers looking to buy short-term car insurance.

Note: I don’t recommend anyone carrying insurance with the minimum liability limits required because if an at-fault accident resulted in injury or damage exceeding your policy limits, you would be liable for the difference out-of-pocket. So it’s better to have the highest liability limits you can afford than to be sorry.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Excellent reputation among customers for its claims process
  • Various channels to reach them, including via phone, chat, and app
  • A limited number of local agencies
  • Rates may not be affordable for some customers

Average Cost Of Liability-Only Temporary Car Insurance

Company Six-Month Premium With Liability Only
Geico $198
CSAA $234
Mercury $270
Kemper $294
State Farm $408

Cheapest For Young Drivers

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

10/10 Affordability
9/10 Customer Satisfaction
6/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Progressive is a good choice for young drivers needing short-term insurance, as it offers some of the best rates for inexperienced drivers. In addition, the company offers various discounts to make it even more affordable for young drivers, including an occasional operator discount. Their user-friendly app makes it easy for policyholders to access their policy documents, make payments, and file claims.

The Progressive app makes purchasing a policy and making payments convenient, which is ideal for young generation drivers. However, there are some drawbacks. Customers score Progressive lower on claim satisfaction compared to competitors. This low score means it might be troublesome to get your car fixed.

On the other hand, Progressive is a well-established company that’s been standing for almost ninety years and has sufficient assets to pay all potential future claims to policyholders.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Low prices
  • Coverage can be bought from an agent or directly from the insurer
  • User-friendly app
  • The Snapshot mobile app is limited to new customers in some states

Average Cost Of  Short-Term Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Company Six-Month Premium for Full Coverage
Wawanesa $955
Mercury $933
Geico $900
National General $741
Progressive $654

Cheapest For Drivers With A Prior Accident

Overall Rating

Key Statistics

9/10 Affordability
10/10 Customer Satisfaction
9/10 Claims
9/10 Coverage Level

Why We Like Them

Car insurance rates increase when a driver has an accident. The degree to which they increase differs from company to company. Georgia drivers with one accident on their driving record pay an average of $1,455 for auto insurance coverage that lasts six months.

My research shows that USAA has the best rates for drivers with one accident on their driving record, charging, on average, $1,043 for a six-month policy. The price compares very favorably to the national average.

The major drawback to USAA is it exclusively serves U.S. military personnel, veterans, and their qualifying dependents. Only drivers who meet these eligibility criteria can get coverage through the insurer. However, drivers who qualify can expect to be loyal customers of USAA, owing to their reputable customer service.

Benefits & Drawbacks

  • Excellent customer service and claims resolution
  • Includes banking products
  • Customized for military families
  • Exclusively for military families
  • Only non-local agents

Average Cost Of Temporary Car Insurance For Drivers With A Prior Accident

Company Six-Month Premium for Full Coverage
USAA $1,043
Geico $1,103
State Farm $1,560
Travelers $1,658
Allstate $1,771

Temporary Car Insurance Rates In Georgia By Insurance Company

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ 2022 market share report, State Farm has the biggest market share for private passenger auto insurance in Georgia, with 22.10%. Farmers Insurance holds a 2.50% market share for the same category.

Company Average Annual Premium Average Monthly Premium
Progressive $1,380 $115
Safeco $1,308 $109
Sun Coast $1,080 $90
Farmers $1,032 $86
Clearcover $1,236 $103

Temporary Car Insurance Rates In Georgia By Policy Length

My research concluded State Farm offers the highest rates for temporary car insurance compared to other Georgia insurance companies, while Farmers was the most affordable.

Company One Month Premium Three Month Premium Six Month Premium
Farmers $101 $304 $609
State Farm $221 $663 $1,326
Travelers $129 $387 $774
Allstate $108 $323 $648
Geico $113 $340 $679

Short-Term Auto Insurance Rates In Georgia By City

Across the United States, Atlanta is the number one city you’re most likely to get in a car accident. So it’s no wonder the city has the highest auto insurance rates in Georgia. Drivers living in Peachtree City pay the lowest auto insurance rates in the state.

City Average Monthly Premium Average Six-Month Policy Premium
Atlanta $223 $1,335
Augusta $180 $1,081
Columbus $156 $933
Macon $157 $943
Peachtree City $152 $911
Sandy Springs $195 $1,172
Savannah $164 $981


What is a temporary insurance policy?

A temporary insurance policy is any policy in effect for fewer than six months.

Is there such a thing as temporary car insurance?

Yes. Temporary car insurance exists in other countries but not in the United States, at least not from major insurance companies. Drivers looking for short-term auto insurance in the U.S. can explore alternative options, such as purchasing a standard six-month policy and canceling it early.

Can you use temporary car insurance permanently?

No. Temporary car insurance is coverage for a short period, shorter than the standard six-month term. If you need more permanent coverage, get a traditional policy that lasts six months or more.


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