Last Updated: February 4, 2017

Definition - What does Disability mean?

A disability is a condition that seriously restricts one's ability to lead a normal productive life. It often arises as the result of an accident or an illness. Disability insurance exists so that people can enjoy some form of income in times of disability. The Social Security Administration offers disability insurance as well, but this is a public form of disability insurance.

Insuranceopedia explains Disability

Disabilities can represent an extreme financial hazard to people. For example, if a family only has one breadwinner, and they become disabled, this can instantly reduce the family's income to zero. Without disability insurance, this could translate to an instant inability to pay the bills. However, disability insurance provides a monthly benefit to the policyholder. This benefit is supposed to help the individual or the family stay afloat while the policyholder recovers from their disability. There is insurance for long-term and short-term disabilities.

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