Staff Adjuster

Updated: 11 March 2024

What Does Staff Adjuster Mean?

A staff adjuster is an employee of an insurance company whose work is to investigate, evaluate, and eventually settle a claim. In certain situations, a staff adjuster might even award the claim to the insured (by writing a check in behalf of the company). The staff adjuster often gets his or her license from the state where he or she resides.

Insuranceopedia Explains Staff Adjuster

Once a person makes an insurance claim, he or she always contacts their agent. The agent will then refer that person to a staff adjuster. Once in contact with the adjuster, claim negotiations begin.

The staff adjuster is evaluated according to the number of claims he or she has settled in a given period (usually monthly). That is why it is in the staff adjuster's favor if the claim is settled sooner rather than later. The staff adjuster is also given a financial limit (often undisclosed) towards how much amount to award the insured. The more experienced the adjuster, the higher the amount. If the adjuster and the insured do not agree on the value of the claim, the insured is then referred to a claims manager or a claims lawyer to renew claim negotiations.

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