Associate In Claims (AIC)

Last updated: October 1, 2016

What Does Associate In Claims (AIC) Mean?

Associate in Claims (AIC) is a title conferred to someone who has passed the exams given by the Insurance Institute of America. The coverage is all about insurance claims and how to handle them. Insurance companies encourage their employees in the claims department to aim for this title.


Insuranceopedia Explains Associate In Claims (AIC)

The program for AIC is supported by the National Association of Independent Adjusters to set high standards for claim management as an important aspect in the industry of insurance.

This program consists of four courses broken down into 13 weeks of lessons. To be given the AIC title, you must pass four exams in the following areas: claim handling principles, managing bodily injury claims, property loss adjusting, and liability claim practices.

Claims staff members of an insurance company are often encouraged by their employers to enroll in an AIC program and pass the exams to further develop their skills in the area of claims. The courses are taught by claims professionals.


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