Certificate of Creditable Coverage (CCC)

Last updated: September 17, 2020

What Does Certificate of Creditable Coverage (CCC) Mean?

A certificate of creditable coverage (CCC) is a health insurance document that officially states the specific time periods during which the policy covers the insured. It is supposed to be provided at no cost following the policyholder's request during the period of coverage or anytime for two years after the plan ends. Moreover, the insurer must issue it when the insured loses coverage, becomes entitled to COBRA continuation coverage, or has run out of it.


Insuranceopedia Explains Certificate of Creditable Coverage (CCC)

Certificates of creditable coverage can be useful for legal purposes or for any other reason why formal proof of coverage may be needed. For example, if a policyholder is suing their health insurance company for not providing coverage during a period when they were legally obligated to do so, they may use the certificate of creditable coverage as evidence. Some people also simply like to have the document available for their own records.


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