Outpatient Surgery


Definition - What does Outpatient Surgery mean?

Outpatient surgery is surgery that doesn't require the patient to spend the night at the hospital following the procedure.

Outpatient is known under various names, including ambulatory surgery, same-day surgery, day case, and day surgery.

Insuranceopedia explains Outpatient Surgery

The term "outpatient" is derived from the fact that patients who have undergone surgery can then leave the hospital. It is opposed to inpatient surgery, which requires a stay in the hospital for continued monitoring or care.

Outpatient surgery can keep hospital costs down, save the patient time and expenses on medication and associated care services, and allow them to recover in the comfort of their home.

Outpatient surgery is usually recommended for healthy people undergoing minor or intermediate procedures, including some urologic and ophthalmologic procedures and procedures involving the extremities.

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